Handbags Every Woman Should Have In Her 50’s

Chanel Flap Bag

Handbags Every Woman Should Have In Her 50's

Life has really changed. Your kids are out the house and off starting their own lives. You are a grandmother and enjoy spending time with your little people. So you just need the essentials nothing more nothing less. Handbags every woman should have in her 50's...

Just The Essentials 

By now, you just want to carry your necessary items with you on a daily basis. But sometimes you may have a little more to put in there. The Cedar Street is not too small and not to large for daily toting around. A medium size satchel should fit your needs.










Going to A Show

You love to go out on the town, whether it's an Opera Show, Jazz Concert or Broadway Show. Carrying a nice elegant bag that can carry more than just your keys, cash and phone like the Chanel Flap bag will be just right.









Hands Free

Running errands around town or out with your grandkids at the park? A nice small tidy little crossbody bag that can almost be your go to daily bag when you want to be hands free like this Vince Camuto will definitely be worth the investment.









The Go To

You have arrived at that point in life where you don't care what others think and say. You like what you like and carry what you want. It's time now more than ever to invest into a nice expensive bag that you can carry daily an d when you mean business or whenever the heck you feel like it. Fendi definitely has that bag!








Travel Companion 

Not too big of a tote to carry all the extra items you deem necessary to have with you when you're away from home. Something not too big like the Louis Vuitton Never Full but a nice size tote for you to carry through the airport or on the road that can hold your reading material and a cardigan for when you get a little chilly.


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